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4 Reasons Values-Driven Businesses Need A Copywriter  (Perhaps More Than Anyone)

4 Reasons Values-Driven Businesses Need A Copywriter (Perhaps More Than Anyone)

Copywriters. The great scribes of marketing, wielding with their pens the power to compel their reader to act.

Sounds a little cynical – even manipulative – for a value-driven business, eh?

Let’s not chew over the ethics of copywriting (it’s been done). The key is to find a copywriter whose values align with yours. In the case of an integrous, ethical or value-driven business that means someone who cares that with great power comes great responsibility (FYI, our slant is idealism).

But why bother? If using a copywriter feels like going too hard-sell, why not write your stuff yourself?

Grab a cup of Joe, friends. We’ve got answers.


Life begins after coffee mug

*possibly an exaggeration.

  1. The conscious AKA ethical consumer


As a value-driven organisation, your target market includes the Conscious Consumer (CC). Peaceful protesters minding the impact of their choices, voting with their wallets and demanding transparency. 30% of UK consumers now care about their purchase’s provenance, possibly explaining the ethical spending boom here (£81.3 billion last year).


In copywriting circles, much is made of people’s fears – the reasons they might not take the action we’d like them to – and the CC has a pre-determined list. Plus specific fears for each purchase/action. We’re talking lots of objections.


Copywriting doctrine (e.g. the 4 Ps) says the way to our reader’s heart/pocket is to allay fears and reassure, soothing our reader swiftly on to handshake stage.


Simplified like that, it can sound like coercion. But think about your own decision-making. It’s not news that people weigh up pros and cons before making a choice. How do we decide what goes on those lists? Consider the CC and their pre-determined fears:


The maker might not have been fairly paid. Is it organic? Can it even be recycled?


If unanswered, the cautious CC has little option but to put these in the ‘con’ box. Too many cons and the CC is gone, off on their quest to make informed, positive choices.


In short, your discerning target audience has many reasons not to consume. Respecting these and providing persuasive reasons to get in on your offering is a skill.

Now, where might one find someone with that skill…? *Ahem*.


  1. Good messages deserve to be heard
bunny ears wide eye rabbit

Are you listening?

There is a veritable universe of information at our fingertips. Breaking news rubs digital shoulders with videos of dancing cats. There’s an actual index of useless websites, but honestly? It barely scrapes the surface.

Your message – the one that underpins your organisation – must compete. Perhaps it’s about good working conditions for communities in rural Sri Lanka. Maybe it’s about changing society so that people aren’t disabled by the way it’s set up. It’s a good message and, while we love a dancing cat, it’s more important and deserves to be heard.


  1. Helping, not hurting

Marketing can be dirty, it’s true. It can also be honest and informative; the link in the chain that connects a person to something they desire or need.

Let’s return to our CC and imagine they need cleaning products (the house is getting grimey). CC browses, finds products that look the part, but alas! The information they need to convince them this choice is positive isn’t forthcoming, they err with caution and log off in a frustrated huff. The grime remains.

Copywriting done responsibly is an act of service; a signpost to something an informed chooser wants.

[Hint to the CC: try Bio D]


  1. People with value-driven business aren’t always great at selling themselves

Anyone that’s written a CV knows that selling yourself can feel uncomfortable. Finding words to sell your organisation can be just as hard. We’re not fans of generalising, but the integrous business-folk we’ve dealt with tend to feel even squirmier than most at the thought of self-promo.

Even if you are comfortable bigging your business up, doesn’t mean you’re good at selling it. Also: writing well doesn’t make you a good copywriter. You probably wouldn’t cut your own hair (ok, you might…I do, sometimes). The point is that copywriting is a profession and if you don’t want a dodgy bowl-cut made of your copy, well. You’d better get in a professional.


In short

Value-driven organisations have plenty keeping them busy. Keeping tabs on the impact they’re having – both positive and negative – is no mean task. Alongside the regular running of a business, that’s a pretty full plate.

A good copywriter will lighten the load. If you want words that speak to the conscious consumer, spread your good message effectively, connect your ideal client with what they want (your offering!) and ‘sell’ your organisation with integrity, look no further. Leave it with us, so that you can concentrate on doing your integrous thang.


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