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Moka Pot is a collaboration of two compulsive writers with an unquenchable thirst for coffee. And for good.

We decided we wanted to give integrous businesses more than our patronage. As a pair of copywriters, we know your brand’s language holds the key to your success.

Even the worthiest messages need to be told in the right words to be heard.

So we put our heads together and developed a process: foolproof copy brewing for organisations wanting to do better, kinder things in more conscious ways.

The process

In essence, it’s your essence. We get down to the grounds and extract your very own flavour. Then we present it in powerful, palatable, knockout copy that’s rich in integrity – like your organisation. Sound complicated? For you it’s no more than a chat over a brew. We do the rest.

Four eyes

Some of our process requires us to work with you as a pair, but we tend to team up even for the bits that don’t. Because what’s better than one copywriter? Two copywriters. Which means a second creative and technical opinion signing off on your copy into the bargain.

Meet The Brewers

We’re Fliss – dabbler in psychology, printmaking, poetry and general wordnerdery – and Em – singer/songwriter, occasional DJ, trumpet tooter and copy-do-no-wronger. We’re also both mothers to young children and therefore queenly plate-spinners with nerves of steel.

Who needs Moka Pot?

In case you didn’t know, every business needs a copywriter. We skilled wordsmiths are an essential component in the equation of good marketing. And good marketing is fundamental to spreading your message, whether that’s “buy our stuff”, “connect with each other” or “recycle”.

If you’re looking to work with people that share your values and passion for the cool stuff you’re doing, we might just be the writers for you. Here are just some of the organisations and industries we brew with:

  • Charities/Not For Profit Sector
  • Whole Food Brands
  • Ethical Clothing Brands
  • Ethical Household Brands
  • Organic Cosmetics Brands
  • Community Projects
  • Local Businesses
  • Birth Support

I couldn’t have finished my e-book without their help. The suggestions were so thoughtful and just spot on. They emphasised, moved, and brought lots of disparate parts together to create dazzling chapters. They gave generally great spell and sense checking advice and just really understood my brand and the tone of voice I wanted to put across. I was so impressed with the changes, I asked for the name of the service they were providing, because it felt so much extra. It was such fantastic thoughtful editing, and I’ll be taking all my future publications to them. I can’t recommend them enough.

I’m that person that dreads the bit of a CV where you have to sell yourself so selling myself as a business owner does not come naturally at all. Moka Pot listened to what was important to me , what was important for my brand and what I wanted to achieve and drafted me some wonderful letters to clients that oozed the ethos of my company and secured me some great opportunities. I cannot thank them enough. Professional and rad.

Moka Pot refined our brand identity and helped us feel more authoritative in our content.

Villa Floriani Skincare
Plant-based skincare pioneers

They are so steeped and in tune with how we work and need to communicate, they quickly nail editing and copy.

What next?

Make a coffee date.

Ask, share, say hi.

Muse and connect.

Hot tips, nice pics.

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