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Sell Yourself (without Selling Your Soul) – Series Outline

Sell Yourself (without Selling Your Soul) – Series Outline

Touting your wares can be so cringe-worthy, right? Does it make you squirm? Or stop you getting started? Are you worried it’s not saying the right thing?

Hey you! Seasoned Blogger, Awesome Social Enterpriser, Entrapreunewbie, Freelancer, Eco Warrior, Startup, Midup, Massive Evil Conglomerate Baddie (jk, not you, you go think about what you’ve done) – we can help!

Starting out? Levelling up? Struggling with your web copy? Want to connect more effectively with your audience? Need to make sure you’re being as pro / sensitive / empathetic as possible? Worried about spelling letting you down in the wee hours of getting that job out the door?

red moka pot open lid on hot stove with coffee cup in background

We’re ready to brew – are you?

In this here series we’ll get you started on the road to Wordy Wonderland. Communication Central Station. Authentic Language Land (sorry, that was a bad one).

Here’s what we’re covering:


1. Who’re you talking to? Audience Persona.

Who you’re talking to directs how and what you’re writing.


2. Say What you Need to Say. Getting Started.

What do you want to say? That’s want, not should.


3. Tone of Voice. How to say it.  

Matching the what to say with the how to say it.


4. Avoid the cringe. ‘About’ pages.

It needn’t be a hot-faced affair.


5. Grammar & Punctuation Cheat Sheet

Sure about that semicolon? Time for a double check…


6. Brand Language Guide. Putting it all together for a rainy day.

For when words escape you.


Okay? Let’s do it.

Moka Pot

We brew copy. It builds brands.

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