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Sell Yourself (without Selling Your Soul) – The Series

Sell Yourself (without Selling Your Soul) – The Series

Ever been to one of those ‘team building’ days and the facilitator starts by announcing:


‘Okay, let’s go round the circle and tell everyone your name, why you’re here and what you want to get out of this… GO!’


Cue cold sweat and palpitations.


How about this one:


‘What’s your “elevator pitch?” GO!’


Oh god.


nervous guy running in fear comic picture

Erm…I gotta…they’re calling me…bye!

The other day I stumbled across a video on a marketing channel telling me how to be better at answering the question ‘What do you do?’, presumably lest I embarrass myself and disgust potential clients with my hideously unpractised chat. That’s quite a lot of presh, no? We’re scrutinising small talk now?


I mean, I don’t disagree that it’s great to be prepared and know thyself, but when we next met, I discussed it with Fliss. We ourselves are kind of terrible at ‘selling’, possibly not the cleverest thing for a person-who-sells-words-for-a-living to say. Discuss…




We don’t feel like we sell. We connect people, bring out the best in people, find voices and communicate for (hopefully) the betterment, the bigger picture, the movement.


In growing our businesses, do we have to be ‘ON’ all the time in order to be successful? Do we need a Game Face? Do we need a script for small talk? When you’re a freelancer, a creative, or a values-based business, it can feel like it going against your grain to be pushy and salesy and ‘markety’, yet we hear time and again that many of you feel you need to, in order to get your message or services out there.


Is it really necessary to Sell Yourself to, well, sell yourself?


We say no, Sir! No thank you to you and your fake smile and gaudy tie. We say there is space for gentle or genuine, interesting, honest, natural communication between you and your reader. Communication that sees reciprocation – connection that leads to trust – relationships that ensure investment.


That’s what we reckon anyway. And if you’re familiar with the old cringe-and-freeze every time you think about writing your web copy, intro email, bio or leaflet; we can help. Starting with a short series of blogs that show you how we do it and how you can too. GO!

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First up: the Sell Yourself (Without Selling your Soul) series outline. We’ll be giving you the low-down on how to level-up. Stay tuned! 


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