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It starts with a chat. Face-to-face or virtually if that suits you better. Our aim? To get two things:

  1. You feeling comfortable

  2. The measure of your organisation (easy once we’ve nailed point 1)

We don’t put pen to paper until we’ve got these down. At the risk of sounding snooty, we don’t do instant. We’re sorry. There are more coffee puns. Many more.


Your Brand Language Guide

Hard-working copy comes from knowing yourself and who you’re speaking to. Your brand language guide is the foundation of all your communication. Let us do the digging and find your voice in our two-part process:

Step 1: Storytelling Session

Starting at the beginning, facilitated by us, you tell us your story. Depending on how you like to work we kick back with a cuppa and a chat, workshop it out or send you a questionnaire.

We analyse the outcome and create…

Step 2: Brand Language Guide

Flavour notes, if you will (sorry). Including:

  • Brand Voice
  • Audience Persona
  • Key Messages
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Value Proposition
  • Differentiators
  • Straplines

This is your copy bible, to be used by you to DIY your own hard-working words, or by us to brew them for you.

Starting from: £800

Don’t let dollar stand between your organisation and quality brand language. Speak to us if you think your organisation might qualify for concessions.


Writing Packages

Web pages that convert. Emails that entice. Blogs that compel. You want people to come on a journey with you and you need words for that. And not just any old words.

Web Copy

Show the way

Whether you need a complete overhaul or a bit of a tightening up, we’ll get your site converting visitors into friends and browsers into investors.

Starting from: £1.3k for full site

(includes Brand Language Guide)

Email / newsletters

Keep in touch

Nurturing your list is important, but do you find email writing a chore? Does your audience find them a bore? Stay out of the trash folder and let us do it for you…we love this stuff.

Starting from: £80 for product upsells

(bulk packages available)

Blogs and Articles

Getting to know you

Share your expertise, your values and your experiences. Blogs are a great way to engage and strengthen the relationship. We help with titles, research and full content.

Starting from: £150 per blog

(bulk packages available)


Editing Packages

Send us your stuff for polishing. We’ll make sure your words are working their hardest to get your message heard.

Editing services include:

Complete check of all written business material


Recommended revisions

Research/fact checking


Health check of your full site/all written business materials

Starting from: £50


SEO & Testing

Playing a game of one upmanship against a virtual army of Google bots isn’t everyone’s cup of joe. You’re a lover-not-a-fighter, right? Well so are we, but we know how to stroke those bad boys down and bring your website up the rankings.

SEO Caffeine Boost

Be easy to find

Are your words at their findable optimum? We give your site the twice over to check. Sometimes it’s a simple case of using the right keywords in the right places – we tweak your copy to give you a search engine boost.

Starting from: £100

SEO Guide

Bespoke handbook

We’ll research your industry, conduct keyword/phrase analyses and nail down the search terms your ideal clients are using. Together we plot the easiest way for your audience to find you and give you some useful ammo in the digital jungle.

Starting from: £300

User Journeys

Taste Tests

Don’t just take our word for it. It’s smart to keep an eye on conversion rates and how your visitors use your site: what they click on, where they go, what’s working and what’s not. If you want some help demystifying, we’re on hand.

Starting from: £100



You’ve got an idea that’s going to do good. Whether you’re right at the beginning and looking to crown your integrous organisation, or you simply need some on-brand titles for products or services, naming stuff is our jam.

Name of the game

There’s a touch of science and a touch of art to pinpointing the perfect business name. A word or phrase that says just enough (but not too much) and carries connotations of integrity and heart.

We get the measure of your offerings and help label them up in a way that’s not only consistent with your brand, it boosts it.

If you want descriptions fit to match the perfect names and for the finest sales pages, we can do that too.

Starting from: £50



Looking for help creating a content strategy to win and keep a loyal following? Need to generate share-worthy blog concepts? Producing materials for an event? Digital, print, internal, external – if it’s words we can help.

We like to think of ourselves as more than pens-for-hire, but we can turn our pens and our process to most writing tasks. Tell us what you need; we’ll put together a plan.

What next?

Make a coffee date.

Ask, share, say hi.

Muse and connect.

Hot tips, nice pics.

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